SSOWP (Safe System of Work Planner) Assessment

Complete the SSOWP (Safe System of Work Planner) Assessment

SSOWP (Safe System of Work Planner) Assessment Course


The SSOWP (Safe System of Work Planner) Assessment Course offered by Paul Humes Rail is an essential certification for professionals in the railway industry.

This course is meticulously designed to evaluate and certify the proficiency of individuals in planning and executing safe railway operations.

With a focus on industry standards and practical applications, this course is a cornerstone for those looking to excel in the field of railway safety and operations.

Course Overview:


The SSOWP Assessment Course provides a comprehensive evaluation of participants’ abilities in Safe System of Work Planning. It is aimed at individuals who are keen on upholding safety standards and coordinating efficient railway operations.

Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical assessments, the course ensures that participants are adept at navigating the complexities of railway safety planning.

Key Aims:


1. To assess and validate participants’ understanding of Safe System of Work Planning principles.

2. To evaluate the ability to identify hazards and implement robust safety measures.

3. To test communication skills with various stakeholders in the railway industry.

4. To examine participants’ capabilities in planning and managing safe railway operations in diverse scenarios.

5. To reinforce adherence to industry standards and best practices in railway safety.

Topics Covered:


1. In-depth exploration of SSOWP roles and responsibilities.

2. Scenario-based assessments to gauge planning and operational skills.

3. Evaluations on understanding safety protocols, risk assessments, and hazard identification.

4.Hands-on exercises to assess real-world application of safety planning skills.

5. Constructive feedback to enhance participants’ proficiency and knowledge.

Benefits of the Course:


1. Certification in SSOWP, acknowledging expertise in railway safety planning.

2. Enhanced career opportunities and recognition in the railway industry.

3. Development of critical skills for effective safety planning and risk management.

4. Increased confidence in coordinating and overseeing safe railway operations.

5. Contribution to the overall safety and efficiency of railway systems.

Additional Entry Requirements:


Participants are expected to have completed prior SSOWP training or possess relevant experience in railway safety planning.

A foundational understanding of railway operations and safety protocols is essential for enrollment in this assessment course.



Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded the “SSOWP (Safe System of Work Planner) Certified” status, which is valid for two years.

This certification is a testament to their expertise and commitment to maintaining safety standards in railway operations.

Why Choose Paul Humes Rail for Your SSOWP (Safe systems of work planner) assessment:


Paul Humes Rail stands out as a premier provider of railway safety training and assessments.

With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to practical, real-world learning, we ensure that our participants receive the highest quality education and certification.

Our SSOWP Assessment Course is not just a test of skills—it’s a pathway to becoming a recognized professional in railway safety planning.

Choose Paul Humes Rail for a learning experience that combines industry expertise, comprehensive content, and a dedication to your professional growth.

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