Level B Authorised Person 25Kv OLE AT-i Assessment

Elevate your OLEC expertise with Paul Humes Rail’s Level B Authorised Person 25Kv OLE AT-i Certification

Level B Authorised Person 25Kv OLE AT-i Certification


Take a pivotal step in your career with our Level B Authorised Person 25Kv OLE AT-i course, aimed at professionals overseeing the auto-transformer systems in rail electrification.

Course Overview:


This course provides specialised training in managing and supervising auto-transformer (AT) electrified routes, emphasising operational efficiency and safety.

Key Aims:


1. To master the technical and managerial aspects of AT systems.

2. To enforce stringent safety measures and compliance with regulatory standards.

3. To enhance leadership skills in managing complex electrification projects.

Topics Covered:


1. In-depth understanding of auto-transformer systems.

2. Compliance and safety management for AT systems.

3. Crisis management and troubleshooting techniques.

4. Leadership in the context of railway electrification.

Who is the assessment for:


This course is ideal for current and aspiring supervisors and managers responsible for auto-transformer systems in railway infrastructures.


Level B Authorised Person for 25Kv OLE AC systems.

Why Choose Paul Humes Rail for Your Level B Authorised Person 25Kv OLE AT-i


With state-of-the-art training facilities and a commitment to high standards, Paul Humes Rail equips professionals with the skills needed to excel in the highly specialized area of rail electrification.

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