Level A Nominated Person 25Kv OLE AC-i Assessment

Elevate your OLEC expertise with Paul Humes Rail

Level A Nominated Person 25Kv OLE AC-i Certification


Elevate your professional standing and ensure compliance in high-voltage environments with our Level A Nominated Person 25Kv OLE AC-i assessment, tailored for experienced electrical professionals in the railway industry.

Course Overview:

This certification course offers in-depth training and assessment for managing 25Kv alternating current overhead line equipment, focusing on safety, compliance, and operational excellence.

Key Aims:


1. Equip participants with advanced knowledge and skills to manage high-voltage AC OLE systems.d compliance requirements.

2. Ensure understanding of safety regulations and compliance requirements.

3. Prepare candidates for critical decision-making in emergency situations.

Topics Covered:


1. Fundamentals of 25Kv AC OLE

2. Safety protocols and compliance standards

3. Emergency response procedures

4. Practical management and troubleshooting of OLE systems

Who is the assessment for:


Senior rail professionals, electrical engineers, and safety managers looking to certify or recertify their competence in managing 25Kv AC overhead lines.

Organisations seeking to evaluate and enhance their team’s competency in engineering supervision.


Level A Nominated Person for 25Kv AC OLE, recognized across the railway industry.

Why Choose Paul Humes Rail for Your Level A Nominated Person for 25Kv AC OLE AC-i Assessment:


Paul Humes Rail is renowned for its expert trainers, comprehensive curriculum, and strong focus on practical skills and safety, making it the ideal choice for professionals seeking to advance in the railway sector.

Enrollment and Contact Information:

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