Railway Safety Training

Comprehensive rail Safety training from Paul Humes Rail

Comprehensive Rail Safety Training


We offer a comprehensive suite of rail safety training courses designed to enhance your expertise and safety in the railway industry.

From Personal Track Safety (PTS) to advanced Electrification courses and specialized roles like Controller of Site Safety (COSS) and Protection Controller, these programs are tailored to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed for various crucial positions.

The training is delivered with a focus on practical skills and industry standards, ensuring participants are well-prepared for their roles in rail safety.

Our Rail Training Courses

Personal Track Safety

Complete the Personal Track Safety (PTS) – Initial E-learning course, Practical course and 5 day track induction course 

Controller of Site Safety

Elevate your railway career and take on a pivotal role in ensuring workplace safety with our Controller of Site Safety (COSS) training program


Power up your career in the railway industry with our comprehensive Electrification course, featuring Olec 1, Olec 2 and advanced levels

Individual Working Alone (IWA)

This course is designed to empower you with the skills and confidence needed to excel when working independently, ensuring you remain productive, safe, and efficient in any setting.

Lookout – Site Warden

As a Lookout/Site Warden, you’ll learn to effectively monitor work areas, communicate hazards, and implement safety protocols to prevent incidents.

Person in Charge of Sidings

As a PICOS, you will be at the forefront of coordinating and overseeing all activities within sidings, ensuring they run smoothly, efficiently, and without compromise to safety.

Protection Controller

Our course offers in-depth training on risk assessment, safety protocols, and emergency response, empowering you to establish and maintain secure work zones on the railway.

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