Level A Nominated Person 25Kv OLE AT-i Assessment

Elevate your OLEC expertise with Paul Humes Rail’s Level A Nominated Person 25Kv OLE AT-i Certification

Level A Nominated Person 25Kv OLE AT-i Assessment


Secure your role as a leader in rail electrification with our Level A Nominated Person 25Kv OLE AT-i course, designed for specialists in auto-transformer systems.

Course Overview:


Focused on the auto-transformer variant of overhead line equipment, this course deepens your expertise in AT system management, safety, and operational efficiency.

Key Aims:


1. Enhance understanding of auto-transformer technology and its application in the railway industry.

2. Develop competency in supervising and troubleshooting AT systems.

3. Strengthen compliance with national and international safety standards.

Topics Covered:


1. Auto-transformer system fundamentals

2. Advanced safety management for AT systems

3. Crisis management and operational troubleshooting

4. Leadership skills in electrical infrastructure settings

Who is the assessment for:


Electrical supervisors and engineers responsible for auto-transformer systems, as well as those seeking to upgrade their qualifications in railway infrastructure.


Level A Nominated Person for 25Kv OLE AT systems.

Why Choose Paul Humes Rail for Your Level A Nominated Person for 25Kv AC OLE AT-i Assessment:


With a legacy of excellence in railway training, Paul Humes Rail provides cutting-edge facilities, industry-leading instructors, and a curriculum updated with the latest technological and regulatory developments.

Enrollment and Contact Information:

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