OLEC 4 Training Course

Complete the Olec 4. Overhead Line Electrification Construction training 

Olec 4. Overhead Line Electrification Construction Training Course


Join our prestigious OLEC 4 Training course at Paul Humes Rail, where we leverage over 60 years of combined experience in railway engineering and training to offer you top-notch education and hands-on experience in overhead line equipment construction. Our course is designed to elevate your skills and certify you for higher responsibilities in the railway sector.

Course Overview:


Our OLEC 4 course is meticulously designed to provide comprehensive training on controlling and supervising OLE construction, renewal, enhancement, and modification activities. It’s an advanced level training program, ideal for professionals seeking to deepen their expertise in OLE systems.

Key Aims:


The course aims to enhance your understanding of OLE systems, focusing on control and supervision of OLE activities, ensuring safety, compliance, and efficiency in railway infrastructure projects.

Topics Covered


The curriculum includes advanced OLE concepts, control and supervision techniques, compliance with safety standards, practical application of learned skills, and much more, preparing you for real-world challenges in the railway sector.

Benefits of the Course:


By completing this course, you will gain advanced knowledge in OLE systems, enhance your career prospects, and contribute to the safety and efficiency of railway operations. You’ll receive a Network Rail approved qualification, acknowledging your expertise and readiness for higher-level responsibilities.

Additional Entry Requirements


Participants should have completed prior OLEC training levels and must hold a valid PTS Medical and Drug & Alcohol Certificate. Experience in OLE construction sites is recommended.



Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a Network Rail approved OLEC 4 qualification, signifying your advanced expertise and ability to supervise OLE construction activities.

Why Choose Paul Humes Rail for Your Olec 4. Overhead Line Electrification training


Paul Humes Rail is renowned for its quality training and deep industry expertise. With our seasoned professionals and practical-oriented training approach, you’re assured of gaining skills that are directly applicable to your career in railway engineering.

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