PTS Track Induction – 5 Day Course

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PTS Track Induction 5 Day Course


Welcome to the comprehensive PTS Track Induction 5 Day Course designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for Personal Track Safety on the railway. This course is essential for individuals seeking to work on or near railway tracks, ensuring you understand the critical safety protocols and procedures.

Course Overview:


The Personal Track Safety (PTS) – 5 Day Track Induction course is a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, providing a deep dive into the essentials of railway safety. Over five days, participants will engage in interactive learning sessions, practical exercises, and assessments to build their understanding of railway operations, safety compliance, and emergency procedures.

Key Aims:


1. To provide comprehensive training on railway safety and working protocols.

2. To ensure understanding and compliance with industry-standard safety regulations.

3. To prepare participants for real-world scenarios on or near railway tracks.

Topics Covered:


1. Introduction to the railway system and its components.

2. Understanding and identifying hazards and risks.

3. Adherence to safety procedures and use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

4. Safe access and egress to railway tracks.

5. Emergency response procedures and protocols.

Benefits of the Course:


1. Acquire essential knowledge and skills for safe railway operations.

2. Gain a recognised qualification that enhances employability in the railway sector.

3. Improve safety awareness and risk management on railway sites.

Additional Entry Requirements:


Participants must pass a medical examination and a drugs and alcohol test.

A sponsor, typically a rail company, is required to enroll in the course.



Upon successful completion, participants receive a certification in Personal Track Safety, valid for two years, with a requirement for a one-day recertification after this period.

Why Choose Paul Humes Rail for Your PTS Track Induction 5 Day Course


Paul Humes Rail is a leader in railway safety training, offering expert instructors, comprehensive course materials, and a commitment to equipping participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for safe and efficient railway operations.

Our course is designed to meet the highest standards of railway safety training, ensuring that you are fully prepared to work on or near railway tracks.

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