OLEC 3 Training Course

Complete the Olec 3. Overhead Line Electrification Construction training 

Olec 3. Overhead Line Electrification Construction Training Course


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Our OLEC 3 Training Course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge required for the construction, renewal, enhancement, and modification of Overhead Line Electrification (OLE).

Course Overview:


The OLEC 3 Training Course at Paul Humes Rail is an intensive program that focuses on the practical and theoretical aspects of Overhead Line Electrification (OLE) construction. It is aimed at individuals whose work involves the construction, renewal, enhancement, and modification of OLE in accordance with design drawings and specifications.

Key Aims:


The course aims to develop the ability to carry out OLE construction activities safely and competently, ensuring adherence to relevant standards and guidelines. It covers both classic and autotransformer OLE systems, emphasizing safe working practices and quality assurance in OLE construction.

Topics Covered


1. Operating principles of OLE systems

2. Main component parts and their functions

3. Hazards associated with OLE construction activities

4. Compliance with health and safety regulations

4. Reading and interpreting design drawings

4. Quality control and assurance in OLE construction

Benefits of the Course:


Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in OLE construction, enhancing their competency and employability in the rail sector. Successful completion of the course leads to a Sentinel-recognised certification, validating the skills acquired.

Additional Entry Requirements


Applicants must be at least 18 years old, meet specific medical and drug & alcohol standards, hold a valid Sentinel Track Safety Card, and possess OLEC 1 and OLEC 2 competencies.



Upon successful completion, participants receive a Sentinel-recognised certificate, demonstrating their proficiency in OLEC 3 construction activities.

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Choosing Paul Humes Rail means opting for a RISQS accredited organisation with a legacy of excellence in the rail industry.

Our courses are delivered by experienced professionals, ensuring that you receive practical knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable in the field.

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