Individual Working Alone Assessment

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Individual Working Alone Assessment (IWA)


Enhance your competency in solo rail operations with the Individual Working Alone (IWA) Certification Course at Paul Humes Rail, tailored for professionals operating independently on railway infrastructure.

Course Overview:


The IWA Assessment is designed to equip railway professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely perform duties while working alone on the rail network.

This assessment focuses on self-management, safety compliance, and effective communication under the Network Rail’s safety standards.

Key Aims:


1. To train participants in the safe and effective practices of working alone as per the Rulebook GE/RT 8000 Module T7.

2. To certify individuals in IWA competence, enabling them to carry out solo duties with an emphasis on safety and procedural compliance.

3. To provide comprehensive understanding and application of safety critical communication and protection systems.

Topics Covered:


1. Personal Track Safety (PTS) recertification.

2. Introduction to the roles and responsibilities of IWA.

3. Safe systems of work when working alone.

4. Communication clarity and effectiveness.

5. Procedures for line blockage and additional protection.

6. Managing work within possessions.

Who is the assessment for:


This certification is ideal for current Sentinel Track Safety Card holders who are required to carry out duties independently on the Railway Infrastructure.

It’s particularly suited for individuals looking to refresh their IWA competence or those transitioning to roles requiring solo work.



Upon successful completion, participants will receive an IWA Competence Certification, valid for two years, with the requirement for a workplace assessment within four months post-training to confirm ongoing competence.

Pre Requisites:


Age Requirement: Candidates must be at least 18 years old to participate in the IWA training and assessment.

Health and Medical Standards: Candidates must meet specific medical fitness requirements suitable for safety-critical roles on the railway. This typically aligns with Network Rail Standard NR/L2/OHS/00124, which details Medical Fitness Level requirements.

Valid Certifications: Candidates need to hold a valid Sentinel Track Safety Card, often endorsed with Personal Track Safety (PTS) competency. This certification demonstrates that the individual has the foundational safety knowledge necessary for working on the railway.

Drug and Alcohol Compliance: Compliance with Network Rail Standard NR/L1/OHS/051 for Drugs & Alcohol is mandatory, ensuring that all personnel are fit and safe to work.

Sponsorship: Candidates must be sponsored by a Network Rail authorised and Link-up approved supplier. Sponsorship is crucial as it provides a support network and ensures that the candidate is part of a recognized training framework.

English Language Proficiency: A good command of the English language is required to ensure effective communication and understanding of safety instructions and protocols.

Training and Recertification: Initial training followed by periodic recertifications and assessments ensure that the candidate’s competencies are up-to-date. This often involves practical and theoretical assessments.

Why Choose Paul Humes Rail for Your COSS Workplace Assessment


Paul Humes Rail is renowned for its commitment to delivering expertly structured training programs that meet the highest standards of rail industry safety and compliance. Our IWA course is delivered by experienced trainers who specialize in rail safety, providing practical, scenario-based learning tailored to real-world applications. Choose Paul Humes Rail to ensure that you are fully equipped to undertake duties safely and effectively when working alone on rail infrastructure.

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