OLEC 2 Training Course

Complete the Overhead Line Electrification Construction training 

Olec 2. Overhead Line Electrification Construction Training Course


Welcome to the OLEC 2 Training Course at Paul Humes Rail, where we leverage over 60 years of combined experience in Permanent Way Engineering, Overhead Line Construction, and more to deliver high-quality training, assessment, and consultancy solutions.

Join us to enhance your skills in basic OLE construction activities under expert guidance.

Course Overview:


This intensive 5-day course is designed to develop the knowledge and practical skills required for basic OLE construction activities, aligning with the standards of NR/L2/CTM/028.

Tailored for professionals in railway electrification in the UK, our course ensures safety and efficiency in the field.

Key Aims:


Our course aims to enhance participants’ understanding and execution of basic OLE construction tasks, ensuring proficiency and safety. By the end of this training, delegates will be well-equipped to perform their roles with increased competence and confidence.

Topics Covered


1. Overview of OLE construction principles

2. Safety protocols and equipment handling

3. Practical skills for OLE construction tasks

4.Compliance with industry standards and regulations

Benefits of the Course:


Participants will gain essential skills, deepen their industry knowledge, and receive a certification that enhances their professional credibility. The course also fosters a culture of safety and efficiency in OLE construction activities.

Additional Entry Requirements


Candidates must hold a valid Sentinel card with PTS AC and OLEC 1 competency, complete pre-requisite training in Working at Heights, Emergency First Aid, and Safe Manual Handling, and meet medical and PPE requirements as per Network Rail Standards.



Upon successful completion, participants will receive certification, and their competencies will be updated in the Sentinel system, marking their eligibility for advanced roles in OLE construction.

Why Choose Paul Humes Rail for Your Olec 2. Overhead Line Electrification training


Choose Paul Humes Rail for our extensive experience, commitment to quality, and comprehensive approach to training. We not only provide essential skills and knowledge but also foster a supportive learning environment to ensure our delegates succeed in their roles and contribute to industry excellence.

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