COSS Initial incl OLP/CRP

Complete the Controller of Site Safety Initial incl OLP/CRP Course


Controller of site safety – COSS Initial incl OLP/CRP –


Embark on a comprehensive 7-day journey with Paul Humes Rail to gain the Controller of Site Safety (COSS) competence, a crucial certification for those working on or near the railway line.

This course is meticulously designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to ensure a safe working environment for rail staff and contractors, integrating crucial OLP and CRP components to enhance your safety management capabilities.

Course Overview:


The COSS Initial course by Paul Humes Rail is a robust training program extending over seven days (or six if OLP/CRP is not required), aimed at individuals nominated by their line manager or sponsor.

It covers essential safety protocols and procedures, enabling participants to set up and manage a Safe System of Work on railway lines effectively.

Key Aims:


1. Attain COSS competence

2. Understand and implement safe systems of work

3. Learn to effectively communicate and manage safety protocols on the rail network

4. Acquire the skills to carry out the duties of an IWA and understand the responsibilities associated with COSS

Topics Covered:


1. Personal Track Safety recertification

2. Safety-critical communications

3. Line blockage procedures and additional protection

4. Managing incidents and the role of the Rail Incident Officer (RIO)

5. Overhead Line Permit and Conductor Rail Permit training (Optional)

Benefits of the Course:


1. Gain a nationally recognised qualification in rail safety

2. Enhance your employability in the rail sector with a comprehensive safety skill set

3. Contribute to the safety and efficiency of rail operations

4. Access to mentorship and a pathway for continuous professional development

Additional Entry Requirements:


Minimum age of 18

Valid Sentinel Card with PTS competence

Meet medical and drug/alcohol standards set by Network Rail



Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded the COSS competence, with a Sentinel card endorsement. This qualification is valid for an initial four months, followed by a mandatory workplace assessment for full validation.

Why Choose Paul Humes Rail for Your COSS Initial incl OLP/CRP


Paul Humes Rail is a trusted name in rail safety training, known for its comprehensive courses and experienced instructors. By choosing us, you benefit from our commitment to quality education, our focus on practical skills and safety, and our reputation for producing competent, industry-ready safety professionals.

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