Controller of Site Safety Assessment

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Controller of Site Safety Assessment


Advance your railway safety career with the COSS Workplace Assessment, designed for current probationary COSS holders ready to upgrade their certification. This assessment ensures that individuals maintain their certification effectively and comply with the latest safety protocols.

Course Overview:


The COSS Workplace Assessment is crucial for existing Sentinel cardholders with a probationary COSS endorsement. This assessment must be completed within four months of the initial COSS course to convert to a full COSS certification. It is also necessary for maintaining your certification and includes specific modules for Overhead Line and Conductor Rail Permit (OLP/CRP/LLT).

Key Aims:


1. Validate the skills and knowledge necessary to manage rail safety and compliance as a COSS.

2. Update and reaffirm COSS certifications for existing professionals within the required timeframe to prevent loss of competency.

Topics Covered:


1. Comprehensive assessment of the COSS role responsibilities.

2. Evaluation through practical scenarios including Overhead Line and Conductor Rail Permit.

3. Review and feedback on logbook entries and workplace application of COSS competencies.

Who is the assessment for:


Existing Sentinel card holders endorsed with probationary COSS.
Individuals aiming to maintain or upgrade their COSS certification without a lapse.



Upon successful completion, participants’ Sentinel profiles will be updated to reflect their full COSS certification, valid until the next reassessment is due.

Pre Requisites:


Minimum age of 18.
Valid Sentinel Track Safety Card endorsed with PTS, IWA, and COSS.
Compliance with Network Rail Standard NR/L2/OHS/00124 Medical Fitness Level 4.
Adequate literacy and comprehension to meet Entry Qualifications.
Adherence to Network Rail Standard NR/L1/OHS/051 for Drugs & Alcohol.
Completion of at least four work experience logbook entries prior to assessment.
Workgroup minimums and planning requirements to ensure assessment validity.

Additional Information:


Booking the COSS assessment well in advance of your certification expiry is crucial, as there is no grace period allowed. Failure to reassess on time results in the loss of competency, requiring the individual to undergo initial training again.

Why Choose Paul Humes Rail for Your COSS Workplace Assessment


Paul Humes Rail is committed to providing thorough and effective assessments with a focus on real-world application and compliance. Our experienced assessors ensure that all participants receive the guidance needed to successfully navigate the complexities of the Controller of Site Safety role, maintaining the highest standards of rail safety.

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