Personal Track Safety

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Personal Track Safety (PTS)


We provide a wide choice of personal track safety courses that are intended to provide people and businesses the abilities, information, and credentials needed to operate in the railway sector to Network Rail Group Standards in a secure and effective manner.

Our PTS training courses;

Personal Track Safety (PTS) – Initial: E-learning Course

Dive into interactive and comprehensive learning modules from the comfort of your home, and emerge fully prepared to tackle on-site challenges with confidence. 

Personal Track Safety (PTS) – Initial: Practical

Through dynamic practical sessions led by experienced professionals, you’ll gain the competence to navigate the railway environment safely and effectively. 

Personal Track Safety (PTS) – 5 Day Track Induction

You’ll engage in a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experiences, learning from seasoned industry professionals to ensure you’re fully prepared for the unique challenges of railway work.

Common questions about Personal Track Safety (PTS)

What are the requirements for Personal Track Safety?

If you are at least two metres (6 feet 6 inches) away from the closest line where a train may arrive, you are in a safe place.

However, the distance can be shortened to 1.25 metres (4 feet) if the maximum speed allowed on this line is 100 mph.

For more info see; A Guide to Personal Track Safety from Network Rail

How much is a railway course?

The cost of our railway courses varies depending on the duration and type of training required.

Please contact our team for specific pricing information and any available discounts or funding options.

How long is PTS rail training?

Our PTS (Personal Track Safety) rail training typically consists of a 1-day E-learning course followed by a practical session lasting another day.

How much is a PTS course?

The cost of PTS (Personal Track Safety) courses may vary. Please get in touch with our team for detailed pricing information and any available discounts or funding options.

What is a Sentinel card?

The Sentinel card provides rail workers with a passport to work on the rail infrastructure across the United Kingdom by using the latest smart card technology. – Source: Safety Central – Network Rail

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