OLEC 5 Training Course

Complete the Olec 5. Overhead Line Electrification Construction training 

Olec 5. Overhead Line Electrification Construction Training Course


Unlock the full potential of your career in rail engineering with Paul Humes Rail’s comprehensive OLEC 5 training course. With over 60 years of combined experience in permanent way engineering and overhead line construction, our expert-led training ensures you gain the skills needed to excel in the rail industry. Dive into a course designed for those aspiring to confirm the OLE is safe for operational purposes between construction activities.

Course Overview:


The OLEC 5 training course is an advanced level program designed for professionals seeking to deepen their understanding and skills in overhead line equipment (OLE) safety. This course is crucial for ensuring the operational safety of OLE between construction activities, making it an essential qualification for career advancement in rail engineering.

Key Aims:


1. Ensure in-depth understanding of OLE safety protocols.

2. Equip participants with the knowledge to confirm OLE’s operational safety.

3. Enhance career opportunities in rail engineering through advanced certification.

Topics Covered


1. Comprehensive overview of OLE systems.

2. Safety protocols for OLE.

3. Procedures for confirming OLE’s operational safety.

Benefits of the Course:


Advanced certification in a niche area of rail engineering.

Increased job opportunities and career advancement.

Recognition of expertise in OLE safety standards.

Additional Entry Requirements


Participants are expected to have prior certifications in OLEC levels up to 4 and relevant field experience.



Upon successful completion, participants will receive an OLEC 5 certification, acknowledging their expertise in OLE safety and operational protocols.

Why Choose Paul Humes Rail for Your Olec 5. Overhead Line Electrification training


Choosing Paul Humes Rail means opting for quality and expertise. With a history steeped in rail engineering excellence and a team of seasoned professionals, we provide not just training but a transformative learning experience. Our course is designed to not only educate but also to empower and elevate your career to new heights.

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